Restarting Byte I.T.

Restarting Byte I.T.

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I don’t get a lot of traffic to my site just yet, mostly because the site is only 2 months old. The reason that it is so new, is because Byte I.T. had to close through a family matter. This left me in a position which forced me to close the doors on my dream for about 5 and a half years.

However, Byte I.T. may be new to the online scene, but myself, the owner, is not new to any of this. I have spent 41 years working with computers, 32 years in the industry corporately, and it is also my hobby (that and playing guitar, with which I also use a digital amplifier). I am both a Systems, and a Network Engineer, with Microsoft SQL Database Design, and Administration abilities, as well as many other skills developed through my career, or hobby.

My philosophy in the I.T. realm, is to keep my costs as low as possible, and provide the same level of service I provided to the corporate world, to my clients, their smaller counterparts, the small to medium sized businesses I have spent years working with. We aren’t large by any means, as I am capable of handling a number of clients alone, but we plan to expand.

A brief history of myself

My father brought home an early PC in 1977, called the Tandy TRS-80. We didn’t have the monitor, just the unit and cassette deck. We used an old TV instead of purchasing the monitor. I became hooked on this new technology, and learned to program in Q Basic at that time.


We didn’t have the monitor, just the unit and cassette deck.

In the 1980’s, when the IBM PC was released with Microsoft DOS, my father opened his own shop over in Channelview, TX. I gained a lot of experience with both the hardware and the software in his shop. In approximately 1988, I went to work for Compaq Computers (Now HP), where I gained more experience with Servers, as well as improve my knowledge of the workstations. After 5 years, I left Compaq, and went into the field, where I gained more “Real World” experience than I even expected. I stayed in field work for many years, taking different positions over the course of about 17 years. So, I have been working with this technology since its very early stages.

I then decided that I was ready for more knowledge in the “Backbone Networking” area. This is Routing, Switching, Firewalls, VPNs, and much more… I spent 7 years on Cisco TAC honing my skills as a Network Engineer, until our jobs were moved to other countries (Yes, we are all familiar with that). Which brings me to the point at which I decided to venture out on my own and tell the corporate world to Byte I.T.

So, we closed for some personal recovery, and now we are back, and ready to assist anyone with a variety of services, such as Managed Services (Remote Monitoring and Maintenance), Web Design, Cloud Services, and much more.

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