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Daymond Armstrong

Resume: Daymond Armstrong

Motivated, personable technology professional with multiple skills and a 32 year track record in the I.T. industry. Talent for quickly mastering new technologies


AutoIT MySQL Connection and Query Script

I put this little example together thanks to the MySQL UDF for AutoIT by Progandy, using the error handling function provided by michaelslamet in the Progandy AutoIT MYSQL help forum. I started developing this AutoIT script for a couple of projects that I am working on currently. I have successfully tested running queries against a…
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Byte I.T. Logo

Restarting Byte I.T.

I don’t get a lot of traffic to my site just yet, mostly because the site is only 2 months old. The reason that it is so new, is because Byte I.T. had to close through a family matter. This left me in a position which forced me to close the doors on my dream…
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Chromakey Image In 640x640

Chromakey with NCH’s Videopad Video Editor

I did a very down and dirty test of chromakey with NCH Videopad. I didn’t use proper lighting, and I didn’t stretch out all the wrinkles, nor did I use a very fast computer to capture the video. But here is a 3 minute video of that test. I muted the audio. How about changing…
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